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Creative, Enthusiastic Publicity Specialist

20 years of experience in engagement, media relations and the promotion of fun.

I promote clients through creative strategy, event execution, written content, social media, and public speaking. My focus is to increase brand recognition and business revenue, reaching an audience through interpersonal skills, creativity, and social media branding. I help potential customers, partners, sponsors, or attendees to understand your business and the unique angle you provide. Brand loyalty follows when an authentic and fun connection is made.

What I Do


Novels. Memoir. Articles. Screenplays. Able to infuse strong dialogue, emotion, & personality into a narrative. Frequent speaker at events/book clubs. Trusted editor of manuscripts & other client work.


Featured performer in films such as “A Quiet Place 2.” On-camera host/production narrator. Film festival interviewer. Helping to bring stories to life visually. An Enthusiastic creative collaborator.

Promoter of Fun!

Creating content for individuals, organizations, & events using poignant/clever combinations of visuals & captions, social media, blogs, in-person engagement, sense of humor, & a rock and roll mentality.

PR Services

Hands-on collaboration. Encouraging the public to want what you do & who you are. Creating exciting personas that stand apart & maximize your unique appeal to attract engagement & business success.



+1 354 454878