Innovative concepts, masterfully engineered

We make the best wire & cable preparation tools in the business, but that’s not all we do. Thanks to an incredible team of engineers on site at Ripley Labs, we also design and develop original and innovative equipment to meet the cabling industry’s challenges head on.

If you have an idea to share or a problem to solve we can put 100 years of R&D experience behind you, working with you to create the tools that will change the game.

Our customer collaborations

The Idea Factory

At Ripley Labs, we’re always listening, learning and improving. We want you to come to us when you’re missing the perfect tool for any cabling job or when you’re frustrated with missing features on the tools you’re using. We also want to hear from you if you need help developing a prototype you’ve been working on.

Bring us your ideas and we’ll bring them to life. That’s exactly what we did when we met Andy Sedlacek, the inventor of the US16.

Meet the inventor of the US16

Research and development

In the hands of our experienced R&D engineers, concepts quickly become prototypes. We then use our expertise to develop industry-first, professional-grade, patented tools – and it all happens here, on site at Ripley Labs.

When you collaborate with Ripley Labs, you get access to:

  • Fast concept turnaround with AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor
  • Rapid prototyping with Projet2500 3D Printing, CNC Machining and 5-Axis Waterjet Technology
  • Product development from a team with proven experience of creating patented, industry-first tools
  • Product lifecycle testing.

Application solutions

If you need a tool for a specific application but have no idea what that might look like, we can help. We’re well versed in designing custom tools to fit exacting requirements and will work closely with you to understand needs before developing the ideal solution.

When you collaborate with Ripley Labs, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive service that takes you from application scoping and concept design through to production and technical support
  • Tool demonstrations and team training.

Software and electrical engineering

Our engineering capabilities extend beyond the manufacture of mechanical tools, to also cover electrical and digital specialisms. We work with our customers to create embedded and front end software and firmware, for specific applications.

When you collaborate with Ripley Labs, we will support you to:

  • Design, develop and implement high quality, customized software packages
  • Complete full testing and quality assurance using: oscilloscopes, optical spectrum analyzers, high performance optical power meters and PCB schematic design software
  • Complete battery and thermal testing.

Quality Assurance

Ripley Labs is an ISO9001 certified site and can provide access to a full range of quality control (QC) test equipment including coordinate measuring machines, optical comparators, hardness testers and quick scopes. We follow Six Sigma techniques and lean principles to ensure continuous improvement in our systems and operations

Stereolithography (SLA)

We use cutting-edge 3D printing technology to design, manufacture and repair tools and fixtures; providing Mastercam modeling expertise, process design and enhancement and support for all internal assembly and machine technologies.

Manufacturing and production

Our manufacturing capabilities include waterjet cutting, CNC machining, surface finishing and product assembly. It all takes place on site here at Ripley Labs and you can be certain we’ll always deliver to the highest standards.


Waterjet cutting

  • High pressure abrasive system
  • 5-axis cutting head
  • Rapid profiling capabilities
  • Cutting of material thicknesses up to 6″
  • On site programming expertise and machine support

CNC machining

CNC milling

  • 3-4 axis 15,000 RPM precision milling centers
  • Universal mounting system
  • Vision-based presetting system for tooling
  • On site repair  and programming expertise

CNC turning

  • 5-axis high speed precision lathe
  • Drilling, tapping and radial milling capabilities
  • Gearbox-driven live spindle tooling
  • Multiplier tooling head

CNC wire-cut EDM

  • Tight tolerance within tenths of thousandths
  • Continuous daily operation with minimal operator supervision

Surface finishing

  • CN grinding
  • Laser marking
  • Vibratory finishing
  • Abrasive cutting

Product Assembly

  • Semi-automated assembly cells with various technologies including dispensing, mechanical and forming.
  • Value-oriented processes with an emphasis on continuous flow and improvement.